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KAATSU Master 2.0 Package

KAATSU Master 2.0 Package

  • For commercial, institutional, hospital, therapeutic and medical applications
  • Optional Masimo MightySat™ Finger Pulse Oximeter 
  • Dual air compressors so each limb can be simultaneously inflated to different pressures
  • Bluetooth enabled tablet-based form factor with automatic storage of usage data in cloud

Individual Model
$5,995.00 down
+ $50.00 after 25 months

Group Model
$8,500.00 down
+ $50.00 after 25 months

Existing Specialists
$4,995.00 down
+ $50.00 after 25 months

KAATSU Cycle 2.0

KAATSU Cycle 2.0

  • Introductory price good through 12/31/19
  • Exercise, recover and rehabilitate anywhere anytime
  • Offers KAATSU Cycle and KAATSU Training modes
  • Ultra compact, ultralight, durable
  • Utilizes precise, computer-controlled limb pressure on both arms, or both legs
  • The pneumatic elastic bands can be “untethered” from the KAATSU unit and are waterproof, for use in the pool
  • Utilizes original KAATSU know-how
  • US patent #9,775,619


    • $999.95 (1-yr warranty on device, 6 mo on bands)
    • $1084.95 (2-yr warranty on device, 6 mo on bands)
    • $699.95 Without bands

    Introductory Price - limited time 

    1-yr warranty on device, 6 mo on bands

    2-yr warranty on device, 6 mo on bands

    Does not include bands

    KAATSU Air Bands

    KAATSU Air Bands

    • Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes
    • Enables KAATSU to be done anywhere at anytime doing anything
    • Pneumatically-controlled air bladders and baffles enable uniform pressure and safe usage
    • 2 leg and 2 arm bands use for upper body, lower body and core applications
    • Can be used for dry land training and in the water for Aqua training.

    Set of 4 (2 Arms, 2 Legs)

    Set of 2 Legs

    Set of 2 Arms

    Masimo MightySAT™ Pulse Oximeter

    Masimo MightySAT™ Pulse Oximeter

    • Hospital-grade technology captures oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index and respiration rate
    • Enables real-time data to be displayed on KAATSU Master 2.0 and captured in KAATSU database
    • Data can be tracked on mobile app


    KAATSU Specialist Certification Program

    KAATSU Specialist Certification Program

    $250 per person for organizations, companies, groups and teams that want to have additional KAATSU Specialists certifications for additional staff to offer KAATSU to users of their organizations.

    $1000 per individual certification 

    Individual Certification

    Additional Certification

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